video vape

video vape

new roles impact vapor shops. you heard from a store owner. here's reaction from customers. reporter: a lot of people we talked to agree with the store and the regulations but believe before the rules are made into ball.

it is surprising to me to have those kind of regulations. reporter: has used products like these for the past year and it is help them. you can walk better. reporter: new regulations went into effect that could change the operation of stores

like this. we cannot show our customers how to use it. reporter: it makes they being a do-it-yourself activity. we can walk them through it but they have to do the work. reporter: they all fall under tobacco products even

those that are nicotine free. a product like this that was manufactured before 2007 is what they are allowing to be sold. experts argue these are cleaner to be taken off the shelves unless they can get it approved by the fda and many say it is

costly. reporter: this owners does not leave he will see a change but others already have. it has affected jobs around the us. reporter: we talked to people about the new regulations being targeted at